Pointe LNG

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Houston, TX 77002-5421
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Pointe LNG has been designated the Best Greenfield LNG Export Site in North America by a Bloomberg Intelligence.  Pointe LNG has numerous competitive advantages in comparison to other US LNG terminals and capacity potential of up to 40 mtpa.

Pointe’s first phase under development is for an initial 6 mtpa LNG export facility.  Its location on the lower Mississippi River provides significant development, operating, and commercial advantages. The strategic project location requires no initial or maintenance dredging and provides access to multiple large diameter natural gas pipelines linking to abundant US natural gas production reservoirs.


Pointe’s site is an ideal 600-acre currently in FERC pre-filing, with anticipated filing date of November 2019.


Pointe Leadership

Central to Pointe LNG leadership experience is:

  • LNG business development

  • natural gas transportation

  • processing, storage and marketing

  • marine transportation

  • pipeline and processing facility construction

  • finance, management, and operations