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Board of Directors

Pointe LNG’s Board of Directors and Executive Management Team, offer years of expertise in: ​​


  • LNG business development

  • natural gas transportation

  • processing, storage and marketing

  • marine transportation

  • pipeline and processing facility construction

  • finance, management and operations

Steinar Thomassen

25 years in LNG, Industrial Shipping and International Drilling experience. Steinar served in Executive management roles with Mobil, Statoil [Equinor], Navion ASA and was a Board Member of Vantage Drilling International as Chairman of the Audit committee and Lead Director. He is an LNG Industry Consultant specializing in large scale LNG shipping projects.

Slade Lindsay
Senior Director

Slade Lindsay has a 35 year career building companies, innovating solutions and implementing first and next generation solutions in the telecommunications industry.  His achievements include the buildout and acquisition of a tower network of more than 4200 sites in America and Canada, with  an asset value of $4.2 Billion;  building the infrastructure of a state wide communication system, Post Katrina, capable of weathering a category 5 storm for the state of Mississippi; executing an M&A  strategy to acquire and build one of the largest SMR operations in America.  Slade also founded Executive Mobile Phone in 1984, and grew it to the largest SMR in the state of Alabama. Slade serves on the Board of Directors for Pointe LNG.

Christopher DeClaire
President and Chief Executive Officer
Jay Marqua
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer 
Captain Tom Burgess
EVP Permitting, Terminalling and Transportation

James H. Lindsay
EVP Natural Gas Origination and Supply